I’m not a huge fan of online inductions, but sometimes they are better than nothing. If you’re looking for a
Ultimately yes…..but it’s not the priority item in my opinion! Although the word ‘policy’ is only mentioned in the Regulations
The Farmers Guidebook was re-written by Safework SA in 2016. The update of the old SAFF OH&S manual was the

What is a Manifest?

Manifest means a written summary of the hazardous chemicals used, handled or stored at a workplace Because we store, use

Chemical Resources

Keep your Chemical Accreditation up to date (it can easily be done on online now) Have a compliant chemical storage
Our Ag Machinery movement on road has been under review for some time now so I do expect some updates

Working at Heights

Although not a regulated licence for Agriculture, I do recommend that farmers do the ‘working at heights’ course. It often
Providing ‘perfect’ workplace facilities on a farm is difficult to achieve, especially with numerous isolated properties where some are only