In South Australia, we require either an MR or HR level licence to operate agricultural machinery on road. Personally, I
In 2018, the National Farmers Federation engaged Dr Richard Franklin from James Cook University to investigate the risk levels of


There are lots of variations to truck combinations and it can get complicated, especially for farmer’s who only ‘moonlight’ as
This is a ‘tolerance’ of up to 5%, not a permit to overload to 5%. Loading grain in a paddock
The Chain of Responsibility is essentially a framework in which Regulators and Law Courts have the capacity to bring charges


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Machine Guarding

I know there are those who remove guards from Headers and other machines due to fire risk. If you are
A Risk Assessment is basically…..thinking about, recognising and then recording the risks on your farm. Documenting this process not only
You don’t just snap your fingers and ‘BOOM’….. farm safety arrangements have been addressed and implemented! It’s a gradual process